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Control of odours in coffee residues such as husks, and Bioremediation of coffee plantations affected by the drill bits

In the Department of Valle del Cauca, control of odours was carried out in waste of coffee husk.

The coffee husk is one of the residues of the coffee process itself, that generates strong smells and it is a problem for the coffee growers for its management and disposition.
Our treatment consisted in leaving the coffee husk in HyOxSuperWater, treated for compost with an enzymatic mix for 74 days, to see its degradation and rotting.
As a result, the coffee husk was left with a soft smell. The application of this technology allows the coffee growers to improve their work parameters to be able to reuse waste in the right way.

The treatment was executed with excellent outcomes. It should be borne in mind that our actual treatment is the Bioremediation of waste, sludge and liquids, and the control of odour is a consequence of Bioremediating, ie, our technology is not a masker and is not a perfumer, we Bioremediate, decreasing the generation of toxic gases, and improving texture parameters and control of vectors such as flies.

TerreOrganics was also applied in a coffee plantation in Tenerife, Valle del Cauca. This coffee plantation was affected by drill bit in an eight «8» level. In a single harvest, the coffee plantation passed from level eight «8» to level zero «0» in impact by drill bit. In addition, this coffee plantation had low productivity before applying TerreOrganics. After this procedure it improved its productivity by 20%, besides the benefits for the coffee plantation of being treated only with an organic product. The application was carried out with a manual pump, both on the ground and in the trees, with a frequency of 2 times a month.